Navigating the Space Between “I want to…” and “I am doing.”

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The Challenge

The space between that moment when the idea, thought, or desire to do something strikes and the actual moment of doing it is filled with distractions and doubts. The biggest challenge to overcome is learning to navigate this space between thought and action.


You may not yet be good at choosing action over thought, but you can train yourself to navigate the space between these two places and get to the action more quickly.

Leave the Comfort Zone

Those sticky, lethargic, complacent pits that hold you back are also known as the “comfort zone”. Here, it is easy to mistake the pit for home. The more comfortable we get in the pit the deeper we settle into it. Dangerously, we begin decorating it. By giving the comfort zone a new look, we trick ourselves into believing that we didn’t just stay there.

Reframe the “Do”

We talk ourselves into the “BIG do”. The Big Do frames creativity as a large project that asks for polished outcomes. The Big Do is overwhelming, and most people shut down and choose their comfort zone without realizing that this leads to creative paralysis. This is the ultimate undoing of a creative life.

  • I get out of my head and into my body
  • My physical actions shift my mind
  • My discoveries raise my curiosity
  • My creative accidents delight me, confuse me, and frustrate me, and this builds my capacity to move through challenges.

Small Pointless Actions Add Up

It’s okay, and even encouraged, to practice taking small pointless actions. By “pointless” I mean to let go of expectations and outcomes. Instead, take action with the sole intention of activating the process. What comes out of it is unknown. No need to worry about the unknown outcomes beforehand. Let the creative process surprise you!

Image created using Canva



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Holly Blondin

Holly Blondin

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