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I cradled the torn recycled wine box in my arms. I carefully opened the lid that was hanging by a shredded corner and peered inside. Dozens upon dozens of Broadway Playbills were squeezed tightly into the space where six bottles of wine had once resided. “I could use one of…

Practice moving from creative thought to creative action more quickly.

Image created using Canva

Great ideas cannot live, and creative habits cannot be formed if there is no action. Ideas in the imagination space are useless if they are not shared or prototyped. …

In these last days of a seemingly horrific year, I sit in reflection setting my intentions for the ultimate “reset” — the new year. The current global narrative sends the message that we are to hope for a better year ahead, a ‘reset’ to brush away all the disappointment of…

Holly Blondin

Creative Artist. Professor, Strategic Design. Educator of Creative + Innovation Methodologies. Speaker. Blogger — A Creative Life Revealed

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